Thomas Quinn is an Emmy-nominated producer and writer for television and print, an author and speaker, and a skeptic.

He received his M.F.A. from the American Film Institute, worked as a story analyst for DreamWorks, Universal and HBO, and was a film critic and entertainment reporter for a Los Angeles weekly.

In 2005, Tom received two Emmy nominations as writer and producer of "Beyond the Da Vinci Code" for the History Channel.

Originally from New Jersey, he now lives in Los Angeles.

And You Shall LaughThere’s never been an idea so dumb you couldn’t get someone to believe it.

Miracles, faith healers, psychics, conspiracy theories, UFO’s, Bigfoot, urban legends, secret societies… We know them and love them, and far too often we believe them. Separating fact from fantasy is work but, with a dose of humor and some attitude, it can also be fun.

What Do You Do with a Chocolate Jesus?
(An Irreverent History of Christianity)

walks the line between scholarship and standup comedy to tell the whole Christian story you didn’t get in Sunday school. Thought-provoking and funny, it includes a chapter-and-verse tour through the New Testament, the Resurrection Hall of Fame, a Values Scorecard, a brief history of Hell, some End-of-the-World panics, and the story of how America’s founders threw God out of his government job.

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Thomas Quinn has traveled the world writing and producing programs for Discovery, History Channel, National Geographic and others, investigating strange cultures, bizarre beliefs and deconstructing everything from urban legends to supernatural claims to conspiracy theories. He also presents humorous lectures, audio podcasts and blogs on these same subjects.

Tom’s lectures include:

God Needs Therapy

A History of Conspiracy Theories

America’s Pagan Family Values

A History of the End of the World

Why I Don’t Believe in Aliens


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What Do You Do with a Chocolate Jesus - Buy at Amazon Beyond the Da Vinci Code on Amazon to Buy Secret History of the Freemasons Angels vs. Demons