Thomas Quinn is an Emmy-nominated producer and writer for television and print, an author and speaker, and a skeptic.

He received his M.F.A. from the American Film Institute, worked as a story analyst for DreamWorks, Universal and HBO, and was a film critic and entertainment reporter for a Los Angeles weekly.

In 2005, Tom received two Emmy nominations as writer and producer of "Beyond the Da Vinci Code" for the History Channel.

Originally from New Jersey, he now lives in Los Angeles.

Thomas Quinn, Author

What do you do with a chocolate Jesus?

What Do You Do with a Chocolate Jesus?
 is a funny and skeptical, yet genuine exploration of the Christian history they don’t teach in Sunday school. It finds humor and insight amid the inconsistencies, absurdities, and flat-out weirdness that too often passes for eternal truth.

In plain language, and with an eye out for a good laugh, Thomas Quinn applies research, personal experience, and common sense to sacred scripture, pious propaganda, and spiritual spin doctors to remove the mystery and explain what it’s all about. He treks through chapter and verse of the New Testament, the sordid saga of medieval beliefs, explores heaven’s hierarchy of angels, explains how to become a saint, and reveals some of the shocking words America’s founders wrote about religion.

If war is too important to leave to the generals, religion is too important to leave to the preachers. Skeptics need evangelists too.

Tom is also working on his irreverent history of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible…

GOD: The Unauthorized Biography










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